If you are planning to launch a new product or service, you can count on Gorilla ADZ to make a splash. We are a leading marketing company with reach across North America. We also have a diverse range of platforms to reach intended audiences. From the traditional media channels to aerial advertising, we can do amazing things with your product launch. Read further to understand how we can help you connect to your target market.

Understanding Product Launches

The key to successful product launches lies in creating sales momentum for the product. All products have a life cycle and the ability to create a splash helps push the sales up and gives the product the traction it needs. This implies that for the launch to be successful, you have to make the biggest splash possible among the right audience and with the right message. Getting any one of these elements wrong means that the product will not get the momentum it requires.

Working with a professional marketing company like Gorilla ADZ assures you that we will not only be creative in our approach to the launch but also very strategic. We will work with you to identify target markets, best messaging and best delivery channels.

Our Expertise in Product Launches

Below is a list of services that we provide for clients who are launching new products in New York:

  • Billboards

  • Digital Billboards

  • Subway Advertising

  • Bus Advertising

  • Mobile LED Billboard Trucks

  • Mobile Showroom Trucks

  • Street Furniture

  • Street Media

  • Printing & Distribution

  • Street Teams

  • Aerial Advertising

  • Production

Benefits of Outdoor Marketing Services for Product Launches

You can unlock a great array of benefits by utilizing our outdoor marketing services for product launches. Here are some of them:

  • Instantly connect with the right audience

  • We help to conceptualize the product launch including the strategic thinking around it

  • Multiple channels including social media

  • Years of marketing experience in product launches and advertising at your disposal

  • Handle all aspects of your launch (production, roll-out, conceptualization) meaning you work with only one company

At Gorilla ADZ USA, we understand that your company has only got once chance to make an impact with a new product. When you ask us to handle the product launch, we understand that this is just one step in a long process. We therefore, plan the product launch with both long- and short-term objectives in mind. We will also ensure that we use the various marketing platforms available to us to reach your target market with precision and cost-effectively.

Our digital team can also ensure that we use social media as an effective tool to amplify the launch among the right audiences. We can live stream the product launch as well as drive conversations and other forms of engagement on social media platforms.

If you want to know more about the industries we serve, including product launches, do not hesitate to contact us today. Simply complete this online inquiry form or call us at (877) 300-5310.

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